Egyptian company specialized in the manufacture of refrigeration and freezing rooms

VanPanel activities

cold rooms

The cold rooms consist of pre-fabricated walls made of polyurethane thermal insulation with different thicknesses (from 4 cm to 25 cm) according to the customer’s request.

Freezing tunnels

The company produces prefabricated panels insulated with polyurethane material with high density. These tunnels are cooled at minus 40 degrees, which preserves the product from damage.

Cold stores

VanPanel develops the appropriate engineering drawings for the implementation of many different projects in many places in the various governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

car boxes

Refrigerated car boxes are manufactured with high quality and according to different sizes and specifications that suit all types of cars and protect them from any internal or external factors.

Caravans and prefabricated

With the emergence of the idea of ​​mobile homes and the development of the idea little by little, the engineers of Van Panel Company work on developing these ideas and producing new ideas

About Us

Van Panel is an Egyptian company specialized in the manufacture of refrigeration and freezing rooms, and it is a leading company in this field


Van Panel aspires to be one of the leading companies in providing the highest levels and quality in its field with highly competitive products


The main principle prevailing in Van Panel is to provide high-quality services to the parties we work with

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Van Panel has more than 27 years of experience in this field, using the latest Italian equipment and international standards

VanPanel has experts specialized in the fields in which it operates, which will make it the leader among its counterparts.

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